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Studio K

Welcome to the pre-mixing and hybrid mix re-tracking room at Revival Music Co. (RVVL) near Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Coined as Studio K during it's year long acoustical build-out, it is the one most adjacent to the kitchen ;-)

Most incoming prep-work and mix consultations come through this room. It also is used for some video and photography editing and retouch post-production work provided to clients in and outside of our focus on music and artist development.

RVVL has various pieces of audio hardware that float between the various rooms and client needs. Often work comes in quick and the workflow in some cases has mix engineer processed tracks or pre-mix hybrid audio mixing work rapidly uploading from this same room through one of our analog to digital audio converters such as a Crane Song HEDD192 or our beloved Lavry AD122-96.

Given we swear our lives by the hybrid audio workflow approach, you can also generally find mostly lots of analog tube based audio gear from Chandler EMI, A Designs, Drawmer, IGS, Avalon, Locomotive, and TUBE-TECH floating in and out of this room.

- Dayz

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